BD Online / Move With Us

A welcome from Artistic Director Jennifer Backhaus

This platform offers a variety of classes designed for movers of all ages. 

We believe that the participation in dance, creative exploration, and wellness classes brings joy, health, promotes self expression, and connects us to each other. With the availability of both live and recorded lessons, we invite you to move with us from wherever you are. 

We will be adding new courses during our 2020/2021 season as we aim to use technology to close the gap and create connection in this time of social distancing. Many of you are working remotely or dealing with school closures, and we aim to provide a fun way to get you moving in your own home.

Take a quick break, catch a breath of fresh air, and dance with us!


Your Backhausdance Family

For Dancers

Technique, exploration and wellness for training dancers

Dance classes for trained dancers

For Wellness

Savor the mental, physical and emotional benefits of movement

Dance classes geared toward children